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1 However, in an era when Wayne Gretzky was scoring 200 points a season, Federko never got the attention many felt he deserved.

2 The Swans remain one of only two clubs to have scored consecutive team tallies above 200 points, the only other being Geelong in 1992.

3 It has won the competition once, triumphing in the University Challenge 2001–02 series by beating Imperial College, London by 200 points to 185.

4 She was a guest in episode 9 of the C series of QI, answering a question deemed almost impossible by host Stephen Fry by correctly naming a chemical reaction equation as an explosion of custard powder, earning 200 points.

5 (See Chess piece relative value.) The king is sometimes given an arbitrary high value such as 200 points (Shannon's paper) to ensure that a checkmate outweighs all other factors (Levy &

6 A player whose rating is 100 points greater than their opponent's is expected to score 64%; if the difference is 200 points, then the expected score for the stronger player is 76%. A player's Elo rating is represented by a number which may change depending on the outcome of rated games played.

7 However, Gretzky stole the show by setting the single season record for goals with 92 and becoming the first player in NHL history to score 200 points (with 212).

8 When the original series first premiered, the goal was 200 points and for its final year, it was increased to 400 points.

9 If the two contestants reach a combined total of 200 points or more, the family wins the bonus.

10 If they get 200 points or more from the ten answers they win the top cash prize.

11 If the family did not earn 200 points, they won £2 per point, up to £398.

12 On the all-star specials, scoring 200 points along with all five top responses donated £5,000 to both teams.

13 If the contestants scored over 200 points, they won £1,000 and if they found 5 top answers on top, it was increased to £3,000.

14 if they got 200 points or more from the ten answers, they win £10,000 for their chosen charity, tripled if they get all five top answers, and if they score less than 200 points, those points plus their earlier score would be multiplied by £10 (£3 per point in series 1).

15 All misses are erased at 200 points and again at 500;

16 The game has a total of 200 points.

17 If you make the points 3, 2, and 1 respectively and calculate what percentage of its "possible" each college has secured, you will find that College A, with 200 points out of 300, has scored 66.67 per cent, and B, with 181, only 60 per cent.

18 If the difference between the judges' scores differs by 200 points or more, then a third reader is asked to grade the student's essay.