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1 In the election, the Coalition won the largest majority government in Australian history, winning 91 seats to Labor's 36. Labor suffered a 6.5 per cent swing against it and its caucus was cut almost in half, suffering a 30-seat swing.

2 Additions added later in the park's life include a donor pavers garden, sensory garden for children with impaired sight, three 30-seat picnic pavilions, a paved walking trail around the playground, and additional trees.

3 The French-speaking minority is represented by four members on the 30-seat local council.

4 Heath's Conservatives secured a 30-seat majority.

5 In 1981, Comair became a public company, added 30-seat turboprops to its fleet, and began to rapidly expand its destinations.

6 This new group produced its first show in the 30-seat basement of the Oxford Theatre (now The Met) near the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Western Avenue.

7 The ERC contains a 72-seat lecture theatre, three 50-seat classrooms, two 30-seat tutorial rooms with flexible seating, 11 student-study (breakout) rooms, 12 labs, dedicated working stations for graduate students, and administrative space and offices for staff and faculty.

8 Hunting Aircraft started design studies on a jet-powered replacement for the successful Vickers Viscount, developing the 30-seat Hunting 107.

9 The new BAC decided that the Hunting project had merit, but that there would be little market for a 30-seat jet airliner.

10 The aircraft was estimated in 2016 to cost US$300 million and its interior is reported to include a 30-seat dining room, a boardroom, master bedrooms, luxury bathrooms with showers, and a spacious living room.

11 In the parliamentary elections on 21 October 2007 there were two dominating parties: the Liberals for Åland got 10 seats, and the Åland Centre got 8 seats, in the 30-seat Lagting.

12 They fly daily to Oakland International Airport and ten times a week to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport using a fleet of 30-seat ERJ-135s.