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1 In the 1978–79 NHL season, Federko developed into a bona fide star, as he scored 95 points.

2 Most experts expected that the Giants' defense would not be able to contain the Bills' turbo-charged no-huddle offense, which had scored 95 points in 2 playoff games.

3 Williams won the Constructors' title for the second year running, scoring 95 points, 34 points more than second-placed Brabham.

4 In the 2001–02 season, they were expected to be contenders once again, and they finished the season as the third-best team in the Atlantic Division, with 95 points.

5 Rookie center Trottier finished the season with 95 points and won the Calder Memorial Trophy;

6 The Colorado Avalanche finished with 95 points in the 2006–07, which was the previous record.

7 In the following season, Colorado won the Pacific Division with a 39–26–17 record for 95 points.

8 Although the salary cap was a blow to one of the highest spenders of the league, the Colorado Avalanche finished the 2005–06 regular season with a 43–30–9 record for 95 points, good enough to finish second in the Northwest Division, seven behind the Calgary Flames and tied with the Edmonton Oilers.

9 As consolation, the team won the last game of the season against the Calgary Flames the following day and finished fourth in the Northwest Division and ninth in the Western Conference with a 44–31–7 record for 95 points, one less than eighth-seeded Calgary.

10 Until the Avalanche's 2006–07 season, no team in the history of the NHL had ever made it to 95 points without earning a spot in the playoffs.

11 In the Eastern Conference, three teams progressed to the playoffs with fewer than 95 points: the New York Rangers (94), the Tampa Bay Lightning (93) and the New York Islanders (92).

12 Following the Winter Olympics, the Avalanche struggled but eventually clinched a playoff spot with 95 points on the season, a 26-point improvement from the previous year's effort, and good enough for eighth place in the Western Conference.

13 The Avalanche qualified for the playoffs in their final game of the regular season, defeating the Blues, who they were battling with for the final wild card spot, 5–2. The team finished with 95 points, a 47-point increase from their previous season.

14 Finishing with 94 points, they were beaten to the second wildcard by the Toronto Maple Leafs, with 95 points.

15 However, in-season acquisitions, such as defencemen Jaroslav Spacek and Dick Tarnstrom, goaltender Dwayne Roloson and left winger Sergei Samsonov, helped Edmonton finish the regular season with 95 points and clinch the final playoff spot in the Western Conference over Vancouver.

16 They entered the playoffs in seventh place with a 40–27–9–6 record, good enough for 95 points.

17 The Kings started off the season with a sluggish October and November, and then found their game again to finish with 95 points.

18 The Kings were much improved under Sutter, finishing with the eight seed, having rounded out the season with a 40–27–15 record for 95 points.

19 In 2002, the Coyotes posted 95 points, one point behind their best total as an NHL team while in Winnipeg, but went down rather meekly to the San Jose Sharks in five games.

20 Example: If a player/team has a score of 1,600 and has not yet made any melds in a hand, an initial meld of 7♣ 7♦ 7♥, Q♣ Q♦ Q♥ 2♦ cannot be made as it scores only 65 points and the requirement is 90. A meld of 7♣ 7♦ 7♥, A♣ A♦ A♥ 2♦ would score 95 points and can be played.