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1 In January 2017 this was changed again to "UNSW Sydney", with the ADFA Canberra campus changed to "UNSW Canberra".

2 UNSW Art & Design is located in the inner suburb of Paddington, and UNSW Canberra at ADFA is situated in Canberra.

3 Direct entry midshipmen continue their normal training and Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) entry midshipmen post to Canberra to study at the ADFA in their second year in the Navy.

4 When they graduate from UNSW at ADFA at the completion of their three- or four-year undergraduate program, they do so with a fully recognized degree from UNSW – the same degree received by graduates of UNSW's campus in Sydney.

5 During Single Service Training (SST) at ADFA midshipmen have the opportunity to return to sea during the SST period as well as visiting shore establishments for PQ related training.

6 As a result of this change, Duntroon ceased to offer university degrees as ADFA became responsible for the academic training of Army cadets, as well as those from the Air Force and Navy.

7 Under this program, which has been maintained since 1986, cadets who wish to pursue a degree attend ADFA for three years upon appointment before going to Duntroon for 12 months, and starting the course in II Class.

8 Direct Entry cadets complete the eighteen-month course, whilst cadets from ADFA join Duntroon in II Class, combining with the Direct Entry cadets and completing twelve months at the college.

9 The leadership and military training provided at ADFA during the three years of training is considered the equivalent of III Class at RMC.