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1 in 1808, it passed to his son-in-law, the industrialist and politician Benjamin Hall.

2 Benjamin Hall, 1st Baron Llanover PC (8 November 1802 – 27 April 1867), known as Sir Benjamin Hall between 1838 and 1859, was a Welsh civil engineer and politician.

3 Hall was a son of the industrialist Benjamin Hall.

4 In 1852 in the House of Commons O'Connor struck three fellow MPs, one of them Sir Benjamin Hall, a vocal critic of the Land Plan.

5 In 1823, Augusta became the wife of Benjamin Hall.

6 Benjamin Hall (29 September 1778 –

7 Benjamin Hall was born on 29 September 1778, the eldest son of the Reverend Benjamin Hall, chancellor of the Diocese of Llandaff, and Elizabeth.

8 One child was Benjamin Hall, 1st Baron Llanover, a civil engineer and politician who as Commissioner of Works was notable for the construction of the Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster.

9 Benjamin Hall senior had been called "Slender Ben" on account of his build.