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1 Continual conflict among the Assyrians led to a myriad of subject peoples, from Cyprus to Persia and The Caucasus to Egypt, quietly reasserting their independence and ceasing to pay tribute to Assyria.

2 The Western Roman economy was already stretched to its limit in the 4th and 5th Centuries C.E. due to continual conflict and loss of territory which, in turn, generated loss of revenue from the tax base.

3 Graeco-Bactrian rule spread until it included a large territory which stretched from Turkmenistan in the west to the Punjab in India in the east by about 170 BC. Graeco-Bactrian rule was eventually defeated by a combination of internecine disputes that plagued Greek and Hellenized rulers to the west, continual conflict with Indian kingdoms, as well as the pressure of two groups of nomadic invaders from Central Asia—the Parthians and Sakas.

4 For years, the planter-dominated Assembly was in continual conflict with the various governors and the Stuart kings;

5 Yossarian is in continual conflict with the military policy "Catch-22," a circularly-reasoned bureaucratic trap which his superiors use to justify many of their illogical demands.

6 The southern group of people indigenous to the area, the Yaghan (also known as Yámana), occupied what is now Ushuaia, lived in continual conflict with the northern inhabitants of the island.

7 Thereafter continual conflict prevailed along it, forcing the Romans to conduct punitive expeditions and fortify Germania Superior.