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1 In February 2004 there were 140 public and non-governmental schools in ACT;

2 The Central Bank devalued the Pula by 7.5% in February 2004 in a bid to maintain export competitiveness against the real appreciation of the Pula.

3 In February 2004, Sweden won the first World Championship for women, hosted in Finland, without conceding a goal.

4 The 41 member Provincial Council took office in February 2004 and served until national elections held in January 2005, when a new Provincial Council was elected.

5 Bulletins on BBC One moved into a new set in January 2003 although retained the previous ivory Lambie-Nairn titles until February 2004.

6 For her portrayal, she was awarded the Academy Award for Best Actress at the 76th Academy Awards in February 2004, as well as the Screen Actors Guild Award and the Golden Globe Award.

7 Virgin Records released America's Sweetheart in February 2004, upon which it received mixed reviews.

8 The seventh ordinary meeting of the parties to the convention took place in February 2004, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

9 However, a truly exceptional cold snap swept the island in February 2004, during which period the whole island was blanketed with snow.

10 In February 2004, Valderrama ended his 22-year career in a tribute match at the Metropolitan stadium of Barranquilla, with some of the most important football players of South America, such as Diego Maradona, Enzo Francescoli, Iván Zamorano, and José Luis Chilavert.

11 In February 2004 members of the British Armed Forces, Lt Rolf Kurth and Lt Cdr Craig Jones along with Aaron Belkin, Director of the Center for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military met with members of Congress and spoke at the National Defense University.

12 The term "podcasting" was suggested by Ben Hammersley in February 2004.

13 In February 2004, he became a candidate of Jacques Chirac and Gerhard Schröder for the presidency of the European Commission but he decided not to run for this office.

14 At an annual dinner of the American Enterprise Institute in February 2004, Dick Cheney and Charles Krauthammer declared the beginning of a unipolar era under American hegemony.

15 Yvon Neptune was appointed Prime Minister on March 4, 2002, but following the overthrow of the government in February 2004, he was replaced by an interim Prime Minister, Gérard Latortue.

16 Arguments over this issue seemed to be responsible for a series of Mainland Chinese newspapers commentaries in February 2004 which stated that power over Hong Kong was only fit for "patriots."

17 Only You, his seventeenth album for Columbia Records, was released in February 2004.

18 In February 2004, the CIA reissued the debriefing reports from al-Libi to note that he had recanted information.

19 Other bus companies in Kenya include Modern Coast, Nyamira Express, Otange, MASH, Vanga, Simba coach, Xenon dreamline, Messina, MAslah, Amani coaches, west coaches, Horizon, 2nk sacco, Chania Comfort, chania genesis, parrot line, x calibur and Crown Bus but there are a number of other companies which offer inter-city services such as Eldoret Express,Kawere, Climax, Greenline, Western Express, Mbukinya, Kalita Coaches and Palmdam.There also number of shuttle companies operating van to western Kenya such as Sasaline, Blueline, Classic, Khukhu, Royal Rift, Transline msafiri, Transline classic, Premium shuttles, Nyanza shuttle, North Rift, Molo Line and Mash Poa.Taxedo In February 2004 the Ministry of Transport in Kenya introduced new regulations governing the operation of Matatus.

20 In February 2004, the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) announced its own legal action against Kazaa, alleging massive copyright breaches.