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1 Flame tanks have been superseded by thermobaric weapons such as the Russian TOS-1. The idea for this tank was developed during World War I by British and French.

2 Although flame tanks cleared many cave defenses, there was no breakthrough, and the XXIV Corps suffered 720 casualties.

3 Upgunned versions with the 76 mm gun M1 and the 17-pounder were introduced to improve the M4's firepower, but concerns about protection remained—despite the apparent armour deficiencies, a total of some 42,000 Shermans were built and delivered to the Allied nations using it during the war years, a total second only to the T-34. Tank hulls were modified to produce flame tanks, mobile rocket artillery, and combat engineering vehicles for tasks including mine-clearing and bridging.

4 Some tanks were converted to flame tanks, specializing on close-in attacks on enemy strongholds with flamethrowers.

5 The vulnerability of infantry carrying backpack flamethrowers and the weapon's short range led to experiments with tank-mounted flamethrowers (flame tanks), which were used by many countries.

6 Italy employed man-portable flamethrowers and L3 Lf flame tanks during the Second Italo-Abyssinian War of 1935 to 1936, during the Spanish Civil War, and during World War II. The L3 Lf flame tank was a CV-33 or CV-35 tankette with a flamethrower operating from the machine gun mount.

7 These were known as SATAN flame tanks.