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1 The first shot of the war at sea was fired on 5 August 1914 by a destroyer of the 2nd Flotilla, HMS Lance, in an engagement with the German auxiliary minelayer Königin Luise.

2 Charlie is captured and taken aboard the Königin Luise, where he is interrogated by the captain.

3 However, Rose is captured and brought to the Königin Luise just after Charlie's sentence is pronounced.

4 After a brief marriage ceremony, there is an explosion and the Königin Luise quickly capsizes.

5 The Königin Luise has struck the overturned submerged hull of the African Queen and detonated the torpedoes.

6 The vessel used to portray the German gunboat Königin Luise in the film was the steam tug Buganda, owned and operated on Lake Victoria by the East African Railways and Harbours Corporation.

7 Although fictional, the Königin Luise was inspired by the German First World War vessel Graf Goetzen (also known as Graf von Goetzen), which operated on Lake Tanganyika until she was scuttled in 1916 during the Battle for Lake Tanganyika.

8 The name 'SS Königin Luise' was taken from a German steam ferry which operated from Hamburg, before being taken over by the Kaiserliche Marine on the outbreak of the First World War.