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1 There are twenty-three K-6 elementary schools, five 7–8 middle schools, three 9–12 high schools (Highland, East, and West, with the former South High being converted to the South City campus of the Salt Lake Community College), and an alternative high school (Horizonte) within the school district.

2 Outside of Ohio University, the residents of Athens are served by the Athens City School District, founded in the late 1840s, made up of five elementary buildings: Pre-K (Chauncey), K-6 (East, Morrison-Gordon, The Plains &

3 The Paintsville Independent School District also operates two schools: Paintsville Elementary School, a K-6 facility, and the 7-12 Paintsville High School.

4 It agreed to give the Board of Education $1,000,000.00 over a ten-year period to add onto the existing Elementary School and get all of the children K-6 under one roof.

5 The old elementary building was burned down in the summer 2010 because there was no longer a use for it. The new White Mountain School is one building that has three elementary rooms for K-6 students, a Jr. High room, two Sr. High rooms, a gymnasium, a cafeteria, library, a staff room and storage rooms.

6 There is a school with grades K-6 and a high school with grades 7-12 both administered by the Klawock City School District.

7 Public charter schools serving QC students include... American Leadership Academy is a local public charter district with a K-6 school and 7–12 high school located on the same campus at the southwest corner of Hawes Road and Chandler Heights Blvd.

8 Winslow Elementary for grades K-6 was retained for a time following the high school closure.

9 Until 2008, North Highlands was served by two school districts, Rio Linda Union School District which covered K-6 grades and Grant Joint Union High School District for grades 7-12. In 2008, the two districts merged, creating the Twin Rivers Unified School District.

10 The district has a junior/senior high school as well as a grade school serving grades K-6 located in the town.

11 Harrisburg Community Unit School District 3 serves the city's student population with two K-6 elementary schools, a junior high school, and a senior high school.

12 Frontier Elementary School is a K-6 school.

13 In the 2010–2011 school year, 139 students were enrolled in K-6 and 87 students in pre-school.

14 Education for grades K-6 are completed in the district across several buildings.

15 Residents from K-6 are zoned to Leo E. Kerner Elementary School (formerly Lafitte Elementary School).

16 Residents from K-6 are zoned to Leo E. Kerner Elementary School (formerly Lafitte Elementary School).

17 The elementary school services between 400 and 450 students in grades K-6 while the high school contains approximately 350 students in grade levels 7-12. Both schools are well known as having high academic achievement under the state's school improvement plan and No Child Left Behind.

18 The school hosts grades K-6 and provides preschool a few days a week.

19 Christ the King Catholic Church runs a parochial K-6 school at 750 North Main Street.

20 There is a preschool, one elementary school for grades K-6 and a consolidated junior-senior high school for grades 7-12 with an average yearly enrollment of 500 students in the district.