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1 A group of rebels held out in the stronghold of Kenilworth Castle, however, and their resistance proved difficult to crush.

2 Part of the rebellious forces held out, however, and their stronghold was the virtually impregnable Kenilworth Castle.

3 The same was the case for Henry de Hastings, who was the commander of Kenilworth Castle.

4 Kenilworth Castle is located in the town of Kenilworth in Warwickshire, England.

5 The outer bailey of Kenilworth Castle is usually entered through Mortimer's Tower, today a modest ruin but originally a Norman stone gatehouse, extended in the late 13th and 16th centuries.

6 The rest of Kenilworth Castle's interior is divided into three areas: the base court, stretching between Mortimer's Tower and Leicester's gatehouse;

7 Much of the right-hand court of Kenilworth Castle is occupied by the castle garden.

8 Kenilworth Castle was founded in the early 1120s by Geoffrey de Clinton, Lord Chamberlain and treasurer to Henry I. The castle's original form is uncertain.

9 By this point Kenilworth Castle consisted of the great keep, the inner bailey wall, a basic causeway across the smaller lake that preceded the creation of the Great Mere, and the local chase for hunting.

10 John spent £1,115 on Kenilworth Castle between 1210 and 1216, building the outer bailey wall in stone and improving the other defences, including creating Mortimer's and Lunn's Towers.

11 The Siege of Kenilworth Castle in 1266 was "probably the longest in English history" according to historian Norman Pounds, and at the time was also the largest siege to have occurred in England in terms of the number of soldiers involved.

12 Five months later this had not happened, and Henry III laid siege to Kenilworth Castle on 21 June.

13 Kenilworth Castle was valued at £10,401 in 1588, when Leicester died without legitimate issue and heavily in debt.

14 During 1611–12 Dudley arranged to sell Kenilworth Castle to Henry, by then Prince of Wales.

15 The first guidebook to the castle, A Concise history and description of Kenilworth Castle, was printed in 1777 with many later editions following in the coming decades.

16 Although considered today as a less successful literary novel than some of his other historical works, it popularised Kenilworth Castle in the Victorian imagination as a romantic Elizabethan location.

17 at the Siege of Kenilworth Castle in 1266, for example, 200 archers and 11 catapults operated from a single tower.

18 Edward managed to make a surprise attack at Kenilworth Castle, where the younger Montfort was quartered, before moving on to cut off the earl of Leicester.

19 A contingent of rebels held out in the virtually impregnable Kenilworth Castle and did not surrender until the drafting of the conciliatory Dictum of Kenilworth.

20 Among Richard's grandest projects in the field of architecture was Westminster Hall, which was extensively rebuilt during his reign, perhaps spurred on by the completion in 1391 of John of Gaunt's magnificent hall at Kenilworth Castle.