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1 however, the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly gazettes the laws and summons meetings of the Assembly.

2 Laws are made in a 25-member Legislative Assembly that combines both state and local government functions (prior to 2016, the Assembly was made up of 17 members).

3 Members of the Legislative Assembly are elected via the Hare–Clark system.

4 The ACT chief minister (currently Andrew Barr, Labor) is elected by members of the Legislative Assembly.

5 Azad Kashmir has its own elected president, prime minister, legislative assembly, high court (with Azam Khan as its present chief justice), and official flag.

6 Other members of the council are the president and the prime minister of Azad Kashmir (or and individual nominated by her/him) and 6 members of the AJK Legislative Assembly.

7 British Columbia has an 87-member elected Legislative Assembly, elected by the plurality voting system, though from 2003 to 2009 there was significant debate about switching to a single transferable vote system called BC-STV.

8 the Legislative role is held by the Assembléia Legislativa (Legislative Assembly);

9 The legislative power of the Federal District is represented by the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District, whose nomenclature includes a mixture of legislative assembly (legislative power of the other units of the federation) and of municipal chamber (legislative of the municipalities).

10 A 19-seat (not including two non-voting members appointed by the Governor which brings the total to 21 members) Legislative Assembly is elected by the people every four years to handle domestic affairs.

11 Of the elected Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs), seven are chosen to serve as government Ministers in a Cabinet headed by the Governor.

12 Bills which have passed the Legislative Assembly require royal assent before becoming effective.

13 The Constitution empowers the Governor to withhold royal assent in cases where the legislation appears to him or her to be repugnant to or inconsistent with the Constitution or affects the rights and privileges of the Legislative Assembly or the Royal Prerogative, or matters reserved to the Governor by article 55. The executive authority of the Cayman Islands is vested in the Queen and is exercised by the Government, consisting of the Governor and the Cabinet.

14 In 1991 a review of the 1972 constitution recommended several constitutional changes to be debated by the Legislative Assembly.

15 However, in November 1992 elections were held for an enlarged Legislative Assembly and the Government was soundly defeated, casting doubt on constitutional reform.

16 Legislative power is vested in the Legislative Assembly.

17 The president and 57 Legislative Assembly deputies are elected for four-year terms.

18 The PUSC also obtained 27 seats in the 57-member Legislative Assembly, for a plurality, while the PLN got 23 and five minor parties won seven.

19 In particular, an attempt by the Legislative Assembly to approve a law that opened up the electricity and telecommunication markets (controlled by a monopoly of the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity - ICE) to market competition, known as the "Combo" law, was met with strong social opposition.

20 1957 — Legislative Council is reorganized as the Legislative Assembly.