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1 He was the second of three sons of Luise Máthilde Wilhelmine (Hommel) and Albert Friedrich Speer.

2 The first shot of the war at sea was fired on 5 August 1914 by a destroyer of the 2nd Flotilla, HMS Lance, in an engagement with the German auxiliary minelayer Königin Luise.

3 It was there that Hoffmann first attempted to promote himself as a composer, writing an operetta called Die Maske and sending a copy to Queen Luise of Prussia.

4 On 7 December 1646 in The Hague, Frederick William entered into a marriage, proposed by Blumenthal as a partial solution to the Jülich-Berg question, with Luise Henriette of Nassau (1627–1667), daughter of Frederick Henry of Orange-Nassau and Amalia of Solms-Braunfels and his 1st cousin once removed through William the Silent.

5 Important figures in the first years were – among others – Petra Kelly, Gert Bastian, Lukas Beckmann [de], Rudolf Bahro, Joseph Beuys, Antje Vollmer, Joschka Fischer, Herbert Gruhl, August Haußleiter, Luise Rinser, Dirk Schneider [de], Brigitte Heinrich, Rolf Stolz [de], and Baldur Springmann [de]. In the foundational congress of 1980, the ideological tenets of the party were consolidated, proclaiming the famous Four Pillars of the Green Party: In 1982, the conservative factions of the Greens broke away to form the Ecological Democratic Party (ÖDP).

6 He married Luise Brömmel in 1872.

7 Hegel had a sister, Christiane Luise (1773–1832);

8 Ashby felt that Maude should ideally be European and his list of possible actresses included dames Peggy Ashcroft, Edith Evans, Gladys Cooper and Celia Johnson as well as Lotte Lenya, Luise Rainer, Pola Negri, Minta Durfee, and Agatha Christie.

9 His mother, Luise Therese Sophie Schliemann, died in 1831, when Heinrich was nine years old.

10 Jean Renoir did the French narration for the film and Hemingway did the English version only after Orson Welles' sounded too theatrical.. This film was financed by Archibald MacLeish, Fredric March, Florence Eldridge, Lillian Hellman, Luise Rainer, Dudley Nichols, Franchot Tone and other Hollywood movie stars, moguls, and writers who composed a group known as the Contemporary Historians.

11 Its chief fundraiser was Luise Rainer, recipient of the best actress Oscar two years in a row;

12 By the time his close friends Christof and Luise Spengemann and their son Walter were arrested by the Gestapo in August 1936 the situation had clearly become perilous.

13 He soon married art history student Luise Straus, whom he had met in 1914.

14 Ernst and Luise's son Ulrich 'Jimmy' Ernst was born on 24 June 1920;

15 Ernst's marriage to Luise was short-lived.

16 Luise Adelgunde Victorie Gottsched (born Kulmus, 11 April 1713 – 26 June 1762) was a German poet, playwright, essayist, and translator, and is often considered one of the founders of modern German theatrical comedy.

17 After marriage, Luise continued to write and publish, and was also her husband's faithful helper in his literary labours.

18 His wife Luise attached herself to her husband's defence team.

19 Subsequently, interviewed by Gitta Sereny, researching her biography of Albert Speer, Luise alleged that in many instances the Allied prosecution made charges against Jodl based on documents that they refused to share with the defence.

20 Wilhelm Maybach was born in Heilbronn, Baden-Württemberg in 1846, the son of a carpenter and his wife Luise.