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1 Important figures in the first years were – among others – Petra Kelly, Gert Bastian, Lukas Beckmann [de], Rudolf Bahro, Joseph Beuys, Antje Vollmer, Joschka Fischer, Herbert Gruhl, August Haußleiter, Luise Rinser, Dirk Schneider [de], Brigitte Heinrich, Rolf Stolz [de], and Baldur Springmann [de]. In the foundational congress of 1980, the ideological tenets of the party were consolidated, proclaiming the famous Four Pillars of the Green Party: In 1982, the conservative factions of the Greens broke away to form the Ecological Democratic Party (ÖDP).

2 1953), Luise Rinser (m. 1954, div.

3 Although German language writers such as Hilde Domin, Luise Rinser and Nelly Sachs had published notable works on women's issues in the post-war period it was only in the 1970s that a feminist movement emerged in West Germany.

4 he defeated the Alliance 90/Green candidate, Luise Rinser.