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1 Julia Agrippina (6 November AD 15 – 23 March AD 59), also referred to as Agrippina the Younger (Latin: Agrippina Minor, "smaller", often used to mean "younger"), was a powerful Roman empress and one of the most prominent and effective women in the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

2 Emperor Guangwu (15 January 5 BC – 29 March AD 57), born Liu Xiu (劉秀), courtesy name Wenshu, was an emperor of the Chinese Han dynasty, restorer of the dynasty in AD 25 and thus founder of the Later Han or Eastern Han (the restored Han Dynasty).

3 Saint Gontrand (c. AD 532 in Soissons – 28 March AD 592 in Chalon-sur-Saône), also called Gontran, Gontram, Guntram, Gunthram, Gunthchramn, and Guntramnus, was the king of the Kingdom of Orléans from AD 561 to AD 592.