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1 The bundle theory of substance thus rejects the substance theories of Aristotle, Descartes, Leibniz, and more recently, J. P. Moreland, Jia Hou, Joseph Bridgman, Quentin Smith, and others.

2 Love's marriage to James Moreland (vocalist of The Leaving Trains) was brief, ending in an annulment.

3 Since 2011, Lori Moreland has served as the White Sox organist.

4 Another nationally prominent Ohio politician, former U.S. President James A. Garfield, was born in Cuyahoga County's Orange Township (today the Cleveland suburb of Moreland Hills).

5 It consisted of LF Matthews (.291 14–82 101 runs 17 SB), C Jody Davis (.256 19–94), RF Keith Moreland (.279 16–80), SS Larry Bowa (.223 10 SB), 1B Leon "Bull" Durham (.279 23–96 16SB), CF Dernier (.278 45 SB), 3B Ron Cey (.240 25–97), Closer Lee Smith(9–7 3.65 33 saves) and 1984 NL MVP Ryne Sandberg (.314 19–84 114 runs, 19 triples,32 SB).

6 Following the "Daily Double", Matthews, Durham, Cey, Moreland and Davis gave the Cubs an order with no gaps to pitch around.

7 An infamous Keith Moreland-Ed Lynch fight erupted after Lynch hit Moreland with a pitch, perhaps forgetting Moreland was once a linebacker at the University of Texas.

8 It was the second game of a double header and the Cubs had won the first game in part due to a three run home run by Moreland.

9 Keith Moreland replaced Hall of Fame inductee Santo for three seasons, followed by Coomer for the 2014 season.

10 In 1819, Charms of Dandyism in three volumes, was published by Olivia Moreland, Chief of the Female Dandies;

11 Olivia Moreland may have existed, as Ashe did write several novels about living persons.

12 Eastmoreland is an early-twentieth century, tree-filled neighborhood in inner southeast Portland, Oregon, United States.

13 SE Crystal Springs Boulevard serves as the neighborhood's southern boundary, and gradually curves north to Eastmoreland's eastern boundary, SE 39th Avenue, recently renamed SE César E. Chávez Boulevard.

14 The Reed College campus is located on the opposite side of SE Woodstock, bordering northern Eastmoreland.

15 Eastmoreland is filled with trees and lush landscaping.

16 Public parks in Eastmoreland include Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden (1923), Eastmoreland Golf Course (1916), Eastmoreland Garden (2004), Eastmoreland Playground Park (1916), and Berkeley Park (1941).

17 Recreation. Eastmoreland us also home to two schools, Duniway Elementary school and Holy Family Catholic School.

18 Eastmoreland was named for a local real estate developer, Judge J.C. Moreland.

19 Quoting Moreland, faith is defined as "a trust in and commitment to what we have reason to believe is true."

20 Austen was almost completely ignored in France until 1878, when the French critic Léon Boucher published the essay Le Roman Classique en Angleterre, in which he called Austen a "genius", the first French author to do so. The first accurate translation of Austen into French occurred in 1899 when Félix Fénéon translated Northanger Abbey as Catherine Moreland.