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1 This sight reminds Logan of the need to enjoy being alive rather than brooding over the ghosts of his past.

2 This sight causes them great fear and Alma the Younger faints.

3 So the Alans, being still more provoked by this sight, laid waste the country, and drove a great multitude of the men, and a great quantity of the other booty from both kingdoms, along with them, and then retreated back to their own country.

4 I was much affected by this sight ...".

5 Daksha remained oblivious of this sight while his wife had just fainted when Sati had invoked the fire.

6 Enraged at this sight, Balarama grabbing his plough paced to attack Bhima, but was stopped by Krishna.

7 This sight, like other aperture sights, proved to be faster and more accurate than the typical mid-barrel open rear sight elements sight lines offered by Mauser, previous Lee–Enfields or the Buffington battle sight of the M1903 Springfield.

8 At this sight the blessed Ladislaus said: "Truly that was no stag, but an angel from God."

9 However, field reports indicated that this sight was inadequate, and in 1944, it was replaced by a sliding ramp-type adjustable sight with four settings: 100, 200, 250 and 300 yards.

10 His obsession with revenge for the death of his father takes root before the play even begins, in the penultimate scene of 2 Henry VI; Wast thou ordained, dear father, To lose thy youth in peace, and to achieve The silver livery of advis'd age, And in thy reverence and thy chair-days, thus To die in ruffian battle? Even at this sight My heart is turned to stone;

11 Donoghue claimed that she felt ill from this sight, complaining of abdominal pain.

12 This sight terrified me and what I felt at that moment is indescribable.

13 This sight alone put heart into the Rohirrim and Imrahil's forces and demoralised Sauron's armies.

14 Instead of being alarmed for her safety, her family was mystified by this sight.

15 Years later, this sight would be designated Sight, Ross Mk I*. Many weapons would have this replaced with the Sight, Ross Mk II, a curved sliding "Lange Vizier" type.

16 This sight was set for 547 yd (500 m), and was not adjustable.

17 This sight allows the gunner to see through fog, smoke and under starlight conditions without the aid of an IR searchlight.

18 It was the incongruity of this sight, men smoking among the exotic plants, dressed in their hospital uniforms and usually missing a limb, that he felt he later recognised in the work of the Surrealists.