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1 He reportedly attended the University of Edinburgh before being apprenticed to the renowned physician William Hunter.

2 Well known as a printer and publisher, Franklin was appointed postmaster of Philadelphia in 1737, holding the office until 1753, when he and publisher William Hunter were named deputy postmasters–general of British North America, the first to hold the office.

3 The Scottish anatomist William Hunter opened his anatomical theatre at No. 16 in 1766, running it until his death in 1783.

4 Sir William Hunter McCrea FRS FRSE FRAS (13 December 1904 – 25 April 1999) was an English astronomer and mathematician.

5 After Parks death in 1750, the newspaper was started up again by William Hunter (Parks' shop foreman) in 1751.

6 They returned in 1784, as her uncle Dr William Hunter had died the year before and her brother had been left a London house and his collection, which is now the University of Glasgow's Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery.

7 An elder brother was William Hunter, the anatomist.

8 Led by Reynolds, the first president, the first program included a lecture by Dr. William Hunter.

9 The first Europeans to take land in Morwell were called squatters and ran pastoral leases such as the 17,300 acre Hasellwood (later called Hazelwood) established by Albert Eugene Brodribb and William Bennett in October 1844, the 22,900 acre Mary Ville (later called Maryvale) established by Thomas Gorringe in February 1845, the 24,780 acre Merton Rush station established by Henry Scott in 1846 and the 5,730 acre Scrubby Forest established by Nicol Brown and William Hunter in 1848.

10 His father Professor William Hamilton, had in 1781, on the strong recommendation of William Hunter, been appointed to succeed his own father, Dr Thomas Hamilton, as Regius Professor of Anatomy, Glasgow;

11 An early fifteenth-century manuscript of the Romaunt of the Rose was included in the library William Hunter donated to the University of Glasgow in 1807.

12 The Scottish surgeon William Hunter was the first to apply these methods to the art of embalming as part of mortuary practice.

13 William Hunter FRS (23 May 1718 – 30 March 1783) was a Scottish anatomist and physician.

14 Around 1765 William Hunter started collecting widely across a range of themes beyond medicine and anatomy: books, manuscripts, prints, coins, shells, zoological specimens, and minerals.

15 From 1737 to 1740 William Hunter was his resident pupil, and at one time they proposed to enter into partnership.

16 He studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh, and in London under Dr. William Hunter.

17 John Hunter was born in Leith, Scotland, the son of William Hunter, a captain in the merchant service, and Helen, née Drummond, daughter of J. Drummond and niece of George Drummond, several-time lord provost of Edinburgh.

18 The school room is beside the site of the execution of nineteen-year-old William Hunter, who was burned at the stake for denying the doctrine of transubstantiation.

19 William Hunter was a Marian martyr burnt to death in Brentwood, England at the age of 19 on 27 March 1555, on Ingrave Road.