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1 Under Islamic rule, there was a Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain that lasted until at least the 11th century.

2 A golden age began during the 34-year rule of Simeon the Great, who oversaw the largest territorial expansion of the state.

3 As Europe, including Britain, descended into turmoil following the collapse of Roman civilisation, an era known as the Dark Ages, Ireland entered a golden age and responded with missions (first to Great Britain and then to the continent), the founding of monasteries and universities.

4 The Baroque period was a golden age for theatre in France and Spain;

5 The end of the 19th century was a golden age for revival styles, including Baroque Revival or Neo-Baroque.

6 In the Low Middle Ages, Catalan went through a golden age, reaching a peak of maturity and cultural richness.

7 Judging by the number of instructional manuals published for the instrument – over three hundred texts were published by over two hundred authors between 1760 and 1860 – the classical period marked a golden age for guitar.

8 Under the succeeding Tang and Song dynasties, Chinese economy, technology, and culture entered a golden age.

9 A golden age in Chinese history, the Han dynasty's long period of stability and prosperity consolidated the foundation of China as a unified state under a central imperial bureaucracy, which was to last intermittently for most of the next two millennia.

10 It was a golden age of Chinese civilization and considered to be the most prosperous period of China with significant developments in culture, art, literature, particularly poetry, and technology.

11 Postmillennialism is an interpretation of chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation which sees Christ's second coming as occurring after the "Millennium", a Golden Age in which Christian ethics prosper.

12 Millennialism (from millennium, Latin for "a thousand years"), or chiliasm (from the Greek equivalent), is the belief that a Golden Age or Paradise will occur on Earth prior to the final judgment and future eternal state of the "World to Come".

13 At a moment when the C.I.A.'s travails are evoking nostalgia for a golden age when it supposedly operated effectively, McCarry offers a useful reminder that such an era never existed."

14 It during these intermediate times popes strove to make Rome the capital of Christendom while projecting it, through art, architecture, and literature, as the center of a Golden Age of unity, order, and peace.

15 The era has been called a golden age, but that was a myth created in the 1930s to lure tourists to a romantic era of tall ships and antiques.

16 Thus the era was indeed a golden age but only for a small but powerful and highly visible elite.

17 Indeed, John Morris, the English historian who specialized in the study of the institutions of the Roman Empire and the history of Sub-Roman Britain, suggested in his book The Age of Arthur that as the descendants of Romanized Britons looked back to a golden age of peace and prosperity under Rome, the name "Camelot" of Arthurian legend may have referred to the capital of Britannia (Camulodunum) in Roman times.

18 The souls of those who took the vows during the call are believed to be continuously reincarnating in successive generations of Druze until the return of al-Hakim to proclaim a second Divine call and establish a Golden Age of justice and peace for all.

19 Polish dubbing had a golden age between the 1960s and the 1980s.

20 Polish dubbing had a golden age between the 1960s and the 1980s.