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1 The announcement of a new purported clean source of energy came at a crucial time: adults still remembered the 1973 oil crisis and the problems caused by oil dependence, anthropogenic global warming was starting to become notorious, the anti-nuclear movement was labeling nuclear power plants as dangerous and getting them closed, people had in mind the consequences of strip mining, acid rain, the greenhouse effect and the Exxon Valdez oil spill, which happened the day after the announcement.

2 The forming of an adolescent's identity is a crucial time in their life.

3 Some historians consider the battle significant because it disrupted Loyalist organizing in the region at a crucial time.

4 Three years later, Bush was recalled to the U.S. to serve as Director of Central Intelligence during a crucial time of legal uncertainty for the agency.

5 The poetry encountered in this work is "in many [ways] autobiographical and allows readers to see Marti the man and the patriot and to judge what was important to him at a crucial time in Cuban history".

6 The British arrived at a crucial time.

7 These mechanical innovations came at a crucial time, when increased prosperity meant that more people had time for leisure and spare money to spend on entertainment.

8 Dunlop's development of the pneumatic tyre arrived at a crucial time in the development of road transport and commercial production began in late 1890.

9 The attack has come at a crucial time in the debate over capital punishment: a vote on its restoration in the House of Commons is imminent and, while bookmakers had previously placed the odds of its passage at 100-to-1 against, it is now even money as to whether it will pass.

10 These updates came at a crucial time, as 1990 also saw the arrival of a completely new French competitor, the Renault Clio, while the Rover Metro and Volkswagen Polo were also heavily updated, and Ford had already replaced its Fiesta with a third generation model.

11 Graham presided over the Post at a crucial time in its history.

12 Though he did not participate after 1895, Dunlop's pneumatic tyre did arrive at a crucial time in the development of road transport.

13 Beginning 1951, he served as Pakistan's Education Minister and Minister of Kashmir Affairs at a crucial time.

14 As Data and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Crusher (Gates McFadden) work to thaw the cryonically preserved humans, Picard admonishes Data for bringing them aboard during a crucial time, and puts Riker in charge of looking after them.

15 It was celebrated at a crucial time for propitiating the awakening of nature.

16 Interest in libraries was also heightened at a crucial time in their early development by Carnegie's high profile and his genuine belief in their importance.