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1 storyline, Steve Rogers learns from Rick Jones that S.H.I.E.L.D. has established Pleasant Hill, a gated community where they use Kobik to transform villains into ordinary citizens.

2 Another nearby monument to Malevich, put up in 1988, is now also situated on the grounds of a gated community.

3 Like Los Alamos and Oak Ridge, Richland was a gated community with restricted access, but it looked more like a typical wartime American boomtown: the military profile was lower, and physical security elements like high fences, towers, and guard dogs were less evident.

4 They reside in a gated community in Shady Canyon, Irvine, California.

5 On February 13, 2013, a forum at the Oberlin Public Library with over 200 people in attendance, including members of the college administration, the Oberlin city council and national press, saw speakers compare the atmosphere of the college to "a gated community."

6 More recently the development of Christmas Lake Village as a gated community has more than doubled the population of Santa Claus.

7 DeBordieu is a gated community.

8 The producers first used a location that was used only once during the pilot episode for the Walsh house, that was located in a gated community of Brentwood.

9 It also contains a gated community off the eastern edge of the Grassy Sprain Reservoir known as Winchester Villages.

10 Keston Park is a gated community covering an area of approximately 140 acres (0.57 km) with approximately 200 residential properties.

11 The Rancho is within a gated community;

12 It has since been redveloped as a gated community of 70 neo-Georgian homes divided between two streets.

13 The boom stalled in 2009, paralleling the economic crisis that affected all of California, but successful new home subdivisions, including a gated community (Carmel Estates), appeared again in 2010.

14 At the farthest north end of town are the Hamilton Cove condominiums, a gated community consisting mostly of second homes.

15 The city has three distinct areas—the Bradbury Estates, which is a gated community consisting of 5-acre (20,000 m) minimum estates;

16 Woodlyn Lane, which is also a gated community with minimum 2-acre (8,100 m) lots;

17 Long known as a popular private enclave for wealthy celebrities, the Malibu Colony today is a gated community, with multimillion-dollar homes on small lots.

18 Rolling Hills is a gated community with private roads with three entry gates.

19 Lake Wildwood is mainly a gated community and news about the CDP is published in a twice a month newspaper, The Wildwood Independent.

20 Had it been built, it would have become the first public school to be built inside the limits of a gated community.