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1 Cultural views are believed to have a reciprocal relationship with macro-level processes such as economics, social change, and politics.

2 This is a reciprocal relationship as the plants provide the fungi with sugars from photosynthesis.

3 Goth fashion has a reciprocal relationship with the fashion world.

4 Reciprocal pronouns refer to a reciprocal relationship (each other, one another).

5 He wrote: A man who but rarely, and then only cursorily, concerns himself with his relationship to God, hardly thinks or dreams that he has so closely to do with God, or that God is so close to him, that there exists a reciprocal relationship between him and God, the stronger a man is, the weaker God is, the weaker a man is, the stronger God is in him.

6 but such a man hardly thinks of the possibility of a reciprocal relationship.

7 The independent variable is usually the wavelength of the light or a unit directly proportional to the photon energy, such as reciprocal centimeters or electron volts, which has a reciprocal relationship to wavelength.

8 Interpretations that relate justice to a reciprocal relationship to society are mediated by differences in cultural traditions, some of which emphasize the individual responsibility toward society and others the equilibrium between access to power and its responsible use.

9 The leap from a synanthropic population to a domestic one could only have taken place after the animals had progressed from anthropophily to habituation, to commensalism and partnership, at which point the establishment of a reciprocal relationship between animal and human would have laid the foundation for domestication, including captivity and then human-controlled breeding.

10 A reading of the account as a "Whaler myth," in a culture in which the Inuit were economically dependent on the mechanically superior products supplied by the European whalers, the story transforms material dependence on the white whaler into a reciprocal relationship, whereby the European comes back to repay his mother.

11 Gossip columnists have a reciprocal relationship with the celebrities whose private lives are splashed about in the gossip column's pages.

12 Goth fashion has a reciprocal relationship with the fashion world.

13 Although leadership is certainly a form of power, it is not demarcated by power over people – rather, it is a power with people that exists as a reciprocal relationship between a leader and his/her followers (Forsyth, 2009).

14 a reciprocal relationship is developed between the two which completely unifies the painting surface.

15 Considering that metaphors and technologies of information move forward in a reciprocal relationship, we can describe some societies (especially the Japanese society) as an information society because we think of it as such.

16 Structuralist film used formalist experimentation to propose a reciprocal relationship between image and viewer.

17 Many of the underlying physical phenomena being studied are linear in energy though, and since wavelength and energy have a reciprocal relationship, spectral patterns that are simple and predictable when plotted as a function of energy are distorted when plotted as a function of wavelength.