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1 Babylon was regarded as a sacred city by all Mesopotamians, including the Assyrians, and this act eventually resulted in Sennacherib's being murdered by his own sons while he was praying to the god Nisroch in Nineveh.

2 At all events the prominence of "Ea" led, as in the case of Nippur, to the survival of Eridu as a sacred city, long after it had ceased to have any significance as a political center.

3 It was distinctively a sacred city, important from the possession of the famous shrine of Enlil.

4 In Lemba tradition, Sena has the semi-mythical status of a sacred city of origin, and is the object of hopes for eventual return.

5 And Constantinople is a sacred city.

6 This grassy, 2-acre (8,100 m) plot is considered by Latter Day Saints of nearly all persuasions to be the site designated by Smith for the temple of the New Jerusalem, a sacred city to be built preparatory to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.