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1 The infantry tank was designed to work in concert with infantry in the assault, moving mostly at a walking pace, and carrying heavy armour to survive defensive fire.

2 Typically, skis, bindings, and boots allow for free movement of the heel to enable a walking pace, as with Nordic disciplines and unlike Alpine skiing.

3 Even with this many animals pulling, they still moved at a walking pace.

4 Soler's waltz was marked andante con moto, or "at a walking pace with motion", but the flow of the dance was sped-up in Vienna leading to the Geschwindwalzer, and the Galloppwalzer.

5 by adjusting the pitch of this thread at different points, the carriages could be sped up, or slowed down to a walking pace at stations, to allow passengers to join and leave.

6 Those that made it to the shingle did so at a walking pace because they were so heavily laden.

7 Horse-drawn carriages carry visitors through the neighborhood at a walking pace.

8 This hill, which follows a 150-foot (46 m) drop in a ⁄2 mile (800 m) stretch, forces many lesser-trained runners to a walking pace.

9 Without a load, the Holt tractor managed a walking pace of 4 miles per hour (6.4 km/h).