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1 Institutional collectivism is the idea that a work environment creates a sense of collectivist nature due to similar statuses and similar rewards, such as earning the same salary.

2 Some occupational therapists treat individuals whose ability to function in a work environment has been impaired.

3 The episode explores the possibilities of a realistic character with a strong work ethic named Frank Grimes placed alongside Homer in a work environment.

4 For example, a lighting level of 400 lux might be chosen for a work environment involving meeting rooms and conferences, whereas a level of 80 lux could be selected for building hallways.

5 Which made black workers unable to learn or approve the principles of trade unionism since they were not given the chance of working in a work environment where these principles were seen or experienced.

6 For a violation to impose liability, the conduct must create a work environment that would be intimidating, hostile, or offensive to a reasonable person.

7 Employees of a work environment therefore are motivated and dissatisfied by two sets of factors: In economics, job design has been studied in the field of contract theory.

8 In the 1960s, psychologist David McClelland expanded on Murray's work, focusing on the effects of human needs in a work environment.

9 When Savitch arrived at KHOU, she was the only female working in the news department other than one secretary, and faced a work environment hostile to females, although some male colleagues did help her learn the basics of her job.

10 In a work environment, numeracy can be a controlling factor affecting career achievements and failures.

11 In this regard, if a work environment is so poisoned that a reasonable person wouldn't be expected to return, then constructive dismissal is likely.

12 .. that all human beings have—this underlying phenomenon that 'I really, really dislike losses, and I will do all I can to avoid losing something'." The article also speaks to only one other study to enhance performance in a work environment.