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1 A 1999 microscopic study of Apatosaurus and Brontosaurus bones concluded the animals grew rapidly when young and reached near-adult sizes in about 10 years.

2 These letters could have been written from Ephesus in 52–55 AD or Caesarea Maritima in 57–59, but the most likely city of provenance is Rome, around 62 AD, or about 10 years after Paul's first visit to Philippi.

3 Females outnumber males by 2 to 1. The life expectancy in captivity is about 10 years.

4 However, given the incidence of malaria, yellow fever and typhoid, life expectancy in Maryland was about 10 years less than in New England.

5 Marvel's major heroes were created in the 1960s, but the amount of time that has passed between then and now within the universe itself has (after a prolonged period of being identified as about 10 years in the mid-to-late 1990s) most recently been identified as 13 years.

6 Used nuclear fuel is therefore a potential source of rhodium, but the extraction is complex and expensive, and the presence of rhodium radioisotopes requires a period of cooling storage for multiple half-lives of the longest-lived isotope (Rh with a half-life of 3.3 years, and Rh with a half-life of 2.9 years), or about 10 years.

7 U Scorpii is the fastest known nova with a period of about 10 years.

8 From the blood, about 45% goes to the liver and 45% is deposited on the surface of the bones where it remains for about 10 years;

9 For the Ohio River, the tritium data indicated that about 40% of the flow was composed of precipitation with residence times of less than 1 year (in the Ohio basin) and older waters consisted of residence times of about 10 years.

10 One serious side effect of a vagotomy is a vitamin B12 deficiency later in life – perhaps after about 10 years – that is similar to pernicious anemia.

11 Pitch in a funnel slowly forms droplets, each droplet taking about 10 years to form and break off.

12 Life expectancy of those affected is about 10 years less than average.

13 At the age of three, Bonanno immigrated to New York City with his family, for about 10 years before he moved back to Italy.

14 When Joseph was three years old, his family moved to the United States and settled in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for about 10 years before returning to Italy.

15 The fennec has a life span of up to 14 years in captivity and about 10 years in the wild.

16 They are characterised by having low fecundity and a long maturation period, taking about 10 years to reach adult size.

17 Unas and Nebet possibly had a son, the "king's son", "royal chamberlain", "priest of Maat" and "overseer of Upper Egypt" Unas-Ankh, who died about 10 years into Unas' reign.

18 It can take an amateur comedian about 10 years to perfect the technique needed to be a professional comedian;

19 For instance, if we look for the divisors of a number as described above, the number of candidates tested will be the given number n. So if n has sixteen decimal digits, say, the search will require executing at least 10 computer instructions, which will take several days on a typical PC. If n is a random 64-bit natural number, which has about 19 decimal digits on the average, the search will take about 10 years.

20 and the search will take about 10 years.