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1 Database caching can substantially improve the throughput of database applications, for example in the processing of indexes, data dictionaries, and frequently used subsets of data.

2 MUMPS is a language intended for and designed to build database applications.

3 The variety of applications from third-party vendors includes database applications for archiving, splitting and control, ERP and CRM systems, as well as more niche and focused products providing a range of commercial functions in areas like human resources, financial control and governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC).

4 Rebol has been used to program Internet applications (both client- and server-side), database applications, utilities, and multimedia applications.

5 Database applications, for instance, may use sparse files.

6 Different computers and operating systems, database applications, or data models may be used at each of the locations.

7 A design client, HCL Domino Designer, can allow the development of database applications consisting of forms (which allow users to create documents) and views (which display selected document fields in columns).

8 The language is tightly-bound to the application's forms, and provides a very rapid and robust development environment for creating database applications for Windows.

9 It can be used in information systems such as database applications.