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1 The infantry tank was designed to work in concert with infantry in the assault, moving mostly at a walking pace, and carrying heavy armour to survive defensive fire.

2 With such torpedoes the method of attack in small torpedo boats, torpedo bombers and small submarines was to steer a predictable collision course abeam to the target and release the torpedo at the last minute, then veer away, all the time subject to defensive fire.

3 Three parallel trenches were dug in front of the walls, the earth thus excavated being used to create embankments screening the attackers from defensive fire, while bringing them as close to the assault point as possible (see Diagram).

4 The Dornier went away unscathed, while Orton was hit by defensive fire and had to force land.

5 Three Beauforts were shot down by defensive fire from the ships before they could launch their torpedoes and the nine torpedoes that were launched failed to hit the target.

6 The Viennese had demolished many of the houses around the city walls and cleared the debris, leaving an empty plain that would expose the Ottomans to defensive fire if they tried to rush into the city.

7 Defensive fire from the turrets downed four aircraft.

8 One of Akagi's Zeroes, however, was shot down by defensive fire from the B-26s.

9 Defensive fire from the Devastators shot down one of Akagi's Zeros.

10 Using a WSO requires a data link between the weapon and the controlling aircraft and requires the controlling aircraft to remain in the area (and possibly vulnerable to defensive fire) as long as the weapon is under manual control.

11 Night fighters used them to approach and attack Allied bombers from below, outside the bomber crew's field of view and/or defensive fire.

12 Despite being utterly outclassed as a day fighter, when moved to the night-fighter role it had some success, typically attacking from below and slightly ahead of the bomber, well outside its field of defensive fire.

13 She set off westward for strikes on Japan on 14 March and four days later launched strikes against airfields on Kyūshū. That morning a twin-engined Japanese G4M "Betty" broke through a curtain of defensive fire turned toward Intrepid and exploded only 50 ft (15 m) off Intrepid's forward boat crane.

14 French transport continued to arrive at the perimeter and it was difficult in some places to recognise German troops following up, which inhibited defensive fire.

15 The geometry of the star shapes was dictated by the need to avoid dead zones where attacking infantry could shelter from defensive fire;

16 In actual fact, the attackers had been deceived by a lack of defensive fire from the pā and once drawn in, were set upon by well-concealed warriors.

17 Player participation is limited to allocating defensive fire from the multiple weapons positions on the bomber.

18 Further fighting ensued and afterwards I ANZAC managed to capture most of the German pillboxes on the crest of the ridgeline, but were stopped short of their secondary objective by defensive fire from German positions nearby.

19 No turrets were ever installed upon any SM.79s, which imposed considerable limitations upon its fields of defensive fire.

20 Returning to gunline duty shortly thereafter, Stoddert steered south and provided defensive fire for South Vietnamese (ARVN) forces ashore — at one point firing 1,009 rounds in a 24-hour period.