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1 The hosts can be co-located or spread over different geographical regions.

2 The mating process differs in different geographical regions.

3 Most people have ancestry from different geographical regions.

4 Parasites track the locally common hosts' phenotypes, so the parasites are less infective to allopatric hosts, those from different geographical regions.

5 has become the official design of the State of New Jersey, U.S. The platform plans and materials list, available online, have been utilized by people from a number of different geographical regions.

6 Among primates as well as cetaceans, there are some opportunistic species that eat most types of food and other species that are specialised in particular types of food, as well as differences in the overall availability of food between different geographical regions in which the animals live.

7 The city lies at the meeting point of different geographical regions – east from the Bükk mountains, in the valley of the river Sajó and the streams Hejő and Szinva.

8 If agencies operate programs serving different geographical regions or ethnic groups, they must ensure that all groups being served will have an equal opportunity to serve on the Policy Council.

9 RepTopia is the zoo's reptile collection which houses reptiles from different geographical regions of the world under one roof.