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1 Soon the company was shipping 40,000 to 50,000 copies of Brubeck records each quarter, making enormous profits.

2 Although Cooper never listed Ingagi among his influences for King Kong, it has long been held that RKO green-lit Kong because of the bottom-line example of Ingagi and the formula that "gorillas plus sexy women in peril equals enormous profits".

3 The Italian city-states made enormous profits from this trade, thanks to commercial treaties like the Pactum Warmundi, and it influenced their Renaissance in later centuries.

4 Nathan surmises that the quarter of the loan not awarded to Barings will fall to Ledrantz, Metternich and Talleyrand, who stand to make enormous profits.

5 The oil well never realized enormous profits, but it triggered Lima's oil industry, bringing John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil to the city.

6 Rare's NES output generated enormous profits, but demonstrated little creativity.

7 The majority of silver in England was exported to India, creating enormous profits for the individual participants, but robbing the Crown of England of necessary silver and taxation.

8 Companies such as Google and Facebook make enormous profits through the generation and processing of metadata, which can then be used by companies wishing to streamline their advertising to those best suited to seeing it (targeted advertising).

9 When Listyev put the middlemen advertising agencies out of business, he deprived many corrupt businessmen of a source for enormous profits.

10 As journalist Andrew Erish has noted: "Gorillas plus sexy women in peril equals enormous profits".

11 For instance, during and after World War II, enormous profits were available by selling rationed goods like cigarettes, chocolate, coffee and butter on the black market.

12 Portuguese Macao was the center of this trade: coolie-slaves were described as "the only real business" in Macao from 1848 to 1873, generating enormous profits for the Portuguese until it was banned due to pressure from the British government.

13 As analysts later declared that sugar production would be at a deficit that year, this led to enormous profits for Santa Maria.

14 Not only is the oppressor making enormous profits from liquor but it also totally immobilizes and paralyses the critical faculties of the oppressed".

15 Carnegie earned enormous profits by pioneering vertical integration;

16 (Statedwide, the number of landowners was high, but the average size of land was only 4 acres.) These relatively small farms, on relatively poor land, did not generate enormous profits.