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1 Both are approximately a four minute drive or thirty minute walk away.

2 During their first visit to New York in early 1983, Ray Reyes, 13, replaced Xavier Serbi√°, 15. Their American fanbase grew, especially among the young, as evidenced by Menudo on ABC, a series of four minute music spots that aired during the Fall 1983 season of ABC's youth-oriented Saturday-morning programming block.

3 The third award was for "Mascot of the Year" which included an online four minute which garnered the most hits of any other team's mascot video.

4 four minute intervals from 4.30pm to 7.30pm;

5 George Creel was named the head of the committee, and he created 37 distinct divisions, most notably the Division of Pictorial Publicity, the Four Minute Men Division, the News Division, and the Censorship Board.

6 Through the Four Minute Men division, roughly 75,000 civilian volunteers spoke to 314 million people over the span of 18 months on topics assigned by the CPI, like the draft, rationing, bond drives, and victory gardens.

7 These civilian volunteers spoke at social events in places like movie theaters and fellowship halls for four minutes, which was the time it took to change a movie reel and the time believed to be a human's attention span.