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1 The average number of families was four to seven, rarely reaching more than ten.

2 An indentured servant (who could be white or black) would work for several years (usually four to seven) without wages.

3 While they sometimes live solitarily, they are more commonly found in groups of around 10–20 individuals, with two to four adult males, four to seven adult females, and the remainder juveniles.

4 Before giving birth (usually in May), the female excavates a den to house her litter of four to seven kits.

5 Bursts always access an aligned block of BL consecutive words beginning on a multiple of BL. So, for example, a four-word burst access to any column address from four to seven will return words four to seven.

6 These buildings are usually four to seven stories tall.

7 The nest is built by the female on the ground in coarse vegetation, with a clutch of four to seven eggs being laid.

8 The female lays and incubates a clutch of four to seven eggs which hatch after eleven to fourteen days.

9 At the evening service there is a selection of from four to seven psalms, varying with the day of the week, and also a Shuraya, or short psalm, with generally a portion of Psalm 118, varying with the day of the fortnight.

10 Updates are organized into episodes which are divided into four to seven missions which are published or updated weekly.

11 Usually four to seven eggs are laid.

12 On occasion, a special live edition is broadcast, usually after major events like the Academy Awards ceremonies (except in years where Kimmel has hosted the actual ceremony) and four to seven half-hour episodes with some basketball theming under the title Jimmy Kimmel Game Night airing in primetime that lead into ABC's coverage of the NBA Finals in June each year.

13 Four to seven eggs are laid which are incubated for 33 to 48 days.

14 Parlett suggests that five or six is optimum, while Arnold suggests four to seven are best.

15 They regularly dive for about 5–15 minutes (maximum of 20 minutes) after four to seven blows.

16 The typical litter size is four to seven, but as few as one, or as many as 20 may be seen.

17 As a result, a winning team would wind up with four to seven points in the standings, while a losing team could collect from zero to three points.

18 The facility will increase capacity by nearly 60 percent by increasing the number of passport check booths and kiosks from 30 to 80, and the number of baggage claim carousels from four to seven.

19 usually, games consist of teams of four to seven.

20 Within each Division are four to seven Battalions, each led by a Battalion chief.