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1 Christie biographer Laura Thompson provides an alternative view that Christie disappeared during a nervous breakdown, conscious of her actions but not in emotional control of herself.

2 Her actions lead him to travel around to Odysseus's comrades and ask about his father.

3 Tacitus attributes her actions as having quelled the mutiny (Tacitus, Annals 1.40–4).

4 Her actions were applauded by some public commentators (e.g. Indigenous elder Sam Watson and musician Shane Howard of Goanna) and criticised by others (e.g. politicians Tony Abbott and Pauline Hanson).

5 he had no say over her actions."

6 The marriage was annulled 55 hours later, following a petition to the court that stated that Spears "lacked understanding of her actions".

7 Although Moll struggles with the morality of some of her actions and decisions, religion seems to be far from her concerns throughout most of her story.

8 Madison set the standard for the ladyship and her actions were the model for nearly every first lady until Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1930s.

9 Iliodor fled the country before he could be questioned about the assassination attempt, and Guseva was found to be not responsible for her actions by reason of insanity.

10 Her actions promoted the reign of her husband: upon the death of the Polish High Duke Władysław III Spindleshanks in 1231, Henry also became Duke of Greater Poland and the next year prevailed as High Duke at Kraków. He thereby was the first of the Silesian Piast descendants of Władysław II the Exile to gain the rule over Silesia and the Seniorate Province in accord with the 1138 Testament of Bolesław III Krzywousty.

11 Her actions in storming the Golden Temple alienated Sikhs for a very long time.

12 By the mid 19th century, in the context of criminal lunacy and the insanity defence, killing one's own child(ren) attracted ferocious debate, as the role of women in society was defined by motherhood, and it was thought that any woman who murdered her own child was by definition insane and could not be held responsible for her actions.

13 Her actions helped establish the First Lady of the United States as an important social host in Washington.

14 Reno argued her actions were in defense of the principle that prosecutors should be free of political influence.

15 she telephoned her attorney after the first shooting to announce her actions.

16 On 29 December, Joan and her family were ennobled by Charles VII as a reward for her actions.

17 However, the creative and editorial team ultimately agreed that Phoenix had been depicted as an inherent and inseparable aspect of Jean Grey, meaning that the character was fully responsible for her actions as Phoenix.

18 After several years, Marvel decided to revive the character, but only after an editorial decree that the character be absolved of her actions during The Dark Phoenix Saga.

19 To support her in this goal, she assembles a team including Nightcrawler, X-23 and Namor, but is unaware that her actions are being observed by Cassandra Nova.

20 Kathleen Soliah/Sara Olson never publicly expressed remorse or regret for her actions.