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1 In Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 (July 2016), the final panel apparently revealed that Rogers has been a Hydra double-agent since his early youth.

2 Co. Arnaz describes the opulent family life of his early youth in his autobiography, A Book (1976)—the family owned three ranches, a palatial home, and a vacation mansion on a private island in Santiago Bay, Cuba.

3 He was cousin to the emperor Caracalla, and came from a prominent Arab family in Emesa (Homs), Syria, where in his early youth he served as head priest of the namesake sun god Elagabalus.

4 Benedetto never forgot his roots in Todi, later describing the city as "the dwelling place of his early youth", the city which "nourished him while still of tender years", and as a place where he "held lasting memories".

5 The friend and collaborator of many modernist figures, he was the lover of dancer Maja Kruscek in his early youth and was later married to Swedish artist and poet Greta Knutson.

6 Richard's approach to kingship was rooted in his strong belief in the royal prerogative, the inspiration of which can be found in his early youth, when his authority was challenged first by the Peasants' Revolts and then by the Lords Appellant.

7 Although Brewer had told him he would not have a career in music, Novello from his early youth showed a facility for writing songs, and when he was only 15, one of his songs was published.

8 where every lad had a chance of showing his abilities, and, if highly gifted, was enabled to achieve a first-class education and entrance into professional life, by the liberal help of the exhibitions and scholarships which he had gained in his early youth;

9 Young Charles spoke English with a strong German accent and was taunted by his childhood playmates with the epithet "Heini," German diminutive of Heinrich, in his early youth.

10 During his early youth, Pachelbel received musical training from Heinrich Schwemmer, a musician and music teacher who later became the cantor of St. Sebaldus Church (Sebalduskirche).

11 Although Vadim lived as a diplomat's child in Northern Africa and the Middle East in his early youth, the death of his father when Vadim was nine years old caused the family to return to France, where his mother found work running a hostel in the French Alps, which was functioning as a way-station for Jews and other fugitives fleeing Nazism.

12 The younger Baird spent eight years of his early youth with his father in Paris and Geneva, and in 1850 graduated from New York University.

13 A general (but unconfirmed) belief exists that he spent his early youth at a Jesuit college, working for a Parisian banker;

14 Wilfred Judson, a justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, was born in and spent his early youth in Todmorden.

15 Little is known of his early youth;

16 In his early youth he went to Alexandria, where he spent twelve years partly as a pupil of Theon, a rhetorician, and partly as a professor of rhetoric.

17 However, Schell was surrounded by acting in his early youth: I grew up in a theatre atmosphere and took it for granted.

18 310), he began composing poetry in his early youth while tending sheep near Smyrna (present-day İzmir).

19 Though he was brought up to admire Pope, and in his early youth imitated him, he was one of the first American poets to throw off his influence.

20 In his early youth, or the 420s, Hilary joined the abbey of Lérins which was, at the time, presided over by his kinsman Honoratus.