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1 Abu Bakr thus dictated his last testament to Uthman ibn Affan as follows: In the name of Most Merciful God.

2 That fact has puzzled researchers, because he mentioned her in various documents, including his last testament.

3 The film was his last testament as a film-maker, and consists of a single shot of saturated blue colour - specifically International Klein Blue (RGB 0, 47, 167, CMYK 100, 72, 0, 35).

4 The last pretender of the crown of the Roman Byzantine Empire, Andreas Palaiologos, in his last testament dated 7 April 1502, bestowed his imperial title to Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile.

5 In his last testament, Mu'awiya told his family "Fear God, Almighty and Great, for God, praise Him, protects whoever fears Him, and there is no protector for one who does not fear God".

6 In September 2007, a video recording of his last testament was released to mark the 6th anniversary of the attacks.

7 The only other document from Hōnen is his last testament, the Ichimai-kishōmon (一枚起請文) or "One-Sheet Document".

8 Also located on the estate are a large museum built in 1987 concerning Lenin's life there, containing such artifacts as his Last Testament (as transcribed by Nadezhda Krupskaya), other documents, photos, books, Lenin's personal car (a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost), his wheelchairs, and his apartment and office from the Kremlin, reconstructed in a separate building.