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1 He summarized his views on European-African relations by saying "With regard to the negroes, then, I have coined the formula: 'I am your brother, it is true, but your elder brother.'" Chinua Achebe has criticized him for this characterization, though Achebe acknowledges that Schweitzer's use of the word "brother" at all was, for a European of the early 20th century, an unusual expression of human solidarity between Europeans and Africans.

2 The new constitutions read, "Its principles are absolute liberty of conscience and human solidarity", the existence of God and the immortality of the soul being struck out.

3 labels reign to the point of absurdity, and human solidarity is no longer the order of the day.

4 Accepting a recommendation in a report by a Protestant minister, Frédéric Desmons, the assembly, on a majority vote, amended its constitutions to read "Its principles are absolute liberty of conscience and human solidarity".

5 The words "Its principles are the existence of God, the immortality of the soul and human solidarity" were struck out.

6 Reform Rabbi Daniel Polish noted in 1988 that Benjamin "represent[ed] a significant dilemma [in] my years growing up as a Jew both proud of his people and with an intense commitment to the ideals of liberalism and human solidarity that I found embodied in the civil rights movement."

7 The rights and the obligations of the different countries should be measured, therefore, in terms of its potential and the needs of each one, making peace, progress, and harmony viable, and making it possible for us all to advance within a true friendship… One of the most important aspects of the present drama is that international life, in spite of the multiplication of organizations and programs, some of them very noble and useful, has not yet had full consciousness of the existence of an international community… Instead of being ruled by the norms of human solidarity, international life is still tied to norms, concepts and procedures taken from obsolete systems of moral and juridical individualism, in spite of the fact that in the internal life of nations this individualism has been suffering for a long time one defeat after another…The idea of “common good” has not been elevated into a universal.

8 Pope Paul VI, for instance, in a letter written to the Secretary General of the United Nations, on the occasion of the Extraordinary General Assembly devoted to the study of the problem of raw materials and development, wrote: "The Church is firmly convinced that any acceptable solution must be based upon international social justice and upon human solidarity through which those principles can be practically applied.

9 In his 2020 peace proposal, "Towards Our Shared Future: Constructing an Era of Human Solidarity", Ikeda urges nations to collaborate to confront issues like natural disasters and climate change.