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1 The apple is said to be a bundle of properties including redness, being four inches (100 mm) wide, and juiciness.

2 Redness and juiciness, for example, may be found together on top of the table because they are part of a bundle of properties located on the table, one of which is the "looks like an apple" property.

3 For example, redness and juiciness are found on top of the table because redness and juiciness inhere in an apple, making the apple red and juicy.

4 The flesh varies in colour, juiciness, texture and taste.

5 When meat is industrially processed in preparation of consumption, it may be enriched with additives to protect or modify its flavor or color, to improve its tenderness, juiciness or cohesiveness, or to aid with its preservation.

6 This improves juiciness and tenderness.

7 Freshness and juiciness of the curds is essential.

8 Lamb fat may be added to provide extra fat for juiciness and flavor.

9 This technique enhanced both flavor and juiciness of the steak.