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1 The city once relied on groundwater for its needs, but land subsidence forced the city to turn to ground-level water sources such as Lake Houston, Lake Conroe, and Lake Livingston.

2 Stratford has been affected by land subsidence.

3 The Foundry has since closed due to land subsidence and all major stores have moved out.

4 The beachfront began to physically shrink beginning around 1928 because of erosion from the wakes of shipping traffic, and land subsidence resulting from the extraction of groundwater in the area due to development.

5 The church tower was demolished in the 1920s after becoming dangerous due to land subsidence.

6 The Marlborough Sounds were created by a combination of land subsidence and rising sea levels.

7 Since exploitation of the Slochteren (Netherlands) gas field started in the late 1960s the ground level over a 250 km² area has dropped by a current maximum of 30 cm. Land subsidence can occur in various ways during an earthquake.

8 Land subsidence can also occur as a result of settling and compacting of unconsolidated sediment from the shaking of an earthquake.

9 One estimate has 80% of serious land subsidence problems associated with the excessive extraction of groundwater, making it a growing problem throughout the world.

10 The resulting aeration of the soil leads to the oxidation of its organic components, such as peat, and this decomposition process may cause significant land subsidence.

11 In this way, land subsidence has the potential of becoming self-perpetuating, having rates up to 5 cm/yr. Water management used to be tuned primarily to factors such as crop optimization but, to varying extents, avoiding subsidence has come to be taken into account as well.

12 A hurricane in 1947 flooded much of Metairie, much of which is slightly below sea level due to land subsidence after marshland was drained.

13 Many villagers living near the proposed mine site fear that the mining company's environmental impact assessment (EIA) did not adequately address the problems of salinization of the groundwater and soil, as well as probability of land subsidence.

14 Second, prolonged depletion of groundwater in extensive aquifers can result in land subsidence, with associated infrastructure damage – as well as, third, saline intrusion.

15 When the aquifer gets compressed, it may cause land subsidence, a drop in the ground surface.

16 However, this feedback is also dependent on other factors like productivity of the vegetation, sediment supply, land subsidence, biomass accumulation, and magnitude and frequency of storms.

17 Despite being a relatively small and low-end Category 3 hurricane, the impacts of Alicia were exacerbated in the Houston metropolitan area due to a rapid increase in population, resulting in a rise in potentially susceptible infrastructure that also induced as much as 10 ft (3.0 m) in land subsidence along some stretches of Galveston Bay.

18 In a 1970 study, it was found that more than 5,200 sq mi (13,000 km) of the San Joaquin River valley had been affected by land subsidence in excess of 1 ft (0.30 m).

19 Due to land subsidence and coastal erosion this was only five metres from the sea and was at threat from increased salinity.

20 They at first relied on ground water, but that caused land subsidence.