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1 Born in Thurso, Scotland, he served in the British Army during the French and Indian War before settling in Pennsylvania, where he held local office.

2 That meant they were also barred from serving on juries or in local office.

3 Occasionally, popular candidates for local office have succeeded in being nominated by both Republican and Democratic Parties.

4 While Democrats have been elected to local office, Republican candidates have a +5 margin in Presidential elections.

5 Unable to vote, African Americans could not serve on juries or in local office, and were closed out of formal politics for generations.

6 Slates for local offices were certified by each candidate.

7 Numerous African-Americans were elected to local office through the 1880s, and in the 1890s in some states, biracial coalitions of populists and Republicans briefly held control of state legislatures.

8 While most of North Alabama became solidly Republican during the 1970s, Jackson County up through the 2000s remained a stronghold of the Democratic Party for elections to local office (residents are not usually liberal, however;

9 Following Reconstruction and years in which blacks continued to be elected to local office, white Democrats regained power and control of the state legislature.

10 After the LCFO folded into the statewide Democratic Party in 1970, African Americans have supported candidates who have won election to local offices.

11 Although Plutarch claims that Marius' father was a labourer, this is almost certainly false since Marius had connections with the nobility in Rome, he ran for local office in Arpinum, and he had marriage relations with the local nobility in Arpinum, which all combine to indicate that he was born into a locally important family of equestrian status.

12 Next, he possibly ran for the quaestorship after losing an election for local office in Arpinum.

13 Perhaps he simply ran for local office as a means of gaining support back home, and lost to some other local worthy.

14 on 27 August, the States of Holland passed legislation removing their political opponents from local office and securing William's political position.

15 While black Republicans continued to be elected to local office in Beaufort County and other areas through the next decades, in 1895 the Democrat-dominated state legislature passed a new constitution that effectively disfranchised most blacks through making voter registration and voting more difficult.

16 The courthouse also houses local office of the North Carolina Probation and Parole Division, judges offices and chambers, district attorney's sub-office, the county map office, tax office, inspection office, register of deeds, clerk of superior court, guardian ad litem and North Carolina juvenile justice department.

17 During Reconstruction, freedmen elected several African Americans to local office as county sheriff.

18 Nearly half of Selma's residents were black, but because of the restrictive electoral laws and practices in place since the turn of the century, only one percent were registered to vote, preventing them from serving on juries or serving in local office.

19 In 1916 several women launched secret bids for local office, resulting in what has been called the Petticoat Revolution.

20 In 1946, several McMinn County World War II veterans ran for local office in hopes of removing a county government deemed corrupt.