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1 Special damages can include direct losses (such as amounts the claimant had to spend to try to mitigate damages) and consequential or economic losses resulting from lost profits in a business.

2 These may include the lost profits that the claimant could have been expected to make in the period whilst the factory was closed and rebuilt.

3 After the film's lackluster performance in the Japanese box office and the ultimate shelving of Steve Miner's Godzilla 3D project, Toho decided to distribute the film overseas in order to regain lost profits.

4 Lawsuits have been filed against Greenpeace for lost profits, reputation damage and "sailormongering".

5 At the time, some subscribers believed that the DAA was a scheme by AT&T to penalize and discourage use of non-Bell modems and recover lost profits from hardware sales, and the FCC began investigations into the legality of the practice.

6 Actuaries also act as expert witnesses by applying their analysis in court trials to estimate the economic value of losses such as lost profits or lost wages (Wagner 2006).

7 furthermore, the jury established that RIM had infringed the patents in a "willful" manner, and the infringement had cost NTP US$33 million in damages (the greater of a reasonable royalty or lost profits).

8 Three of the business owners filed legal proceedings against Columbia Pictures after filming concluded, alleging that they should be compensated for lost profits during the production.

9 Critics suggest that Moroun's opposition was fueled by the prospect of lost profits from duty-free gasoline sales, which are exempt from about 60 cents per gallon in taxes even though the pump price to consumers is only a few cents lower.

10 The sale of the national oil company resulted in millions of dollars in lost profits, compared to the price of the sale.

11 His report on New Generation Trade Agreements opposed the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) system, which empowers transnational corporations to sue governments for lost profits from new laws to protect public health and the environment.

12 filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Nintendo in December 2006 over the pointing functionality of the Wii Remote, claiming "loss of reasonable royalties, reduced sales and/or lost profits as a result of the infringing activities" of Nintendo.

13 The lawsuit sought an injunction against violating products, royalties, attorney's fees, and damages for lost profits.