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1 Each display included Moon dust from Apollo 11. The rice-sized particles were four small pieces of Moon soil weighing about 50 mg and were enveloped in a clear acrylic button about as big as a United States half dollar coin.

2 British anti-lewisite (dimercaprol) is prescribed in doses of 5 mg/kg up to 300 mg every 4 hours for the first day, then every 6 hours for the second day, and finally every 8 hours for 8 additional days.

3 Some smaller quantities of Al are created in hydrogen burning shells of evolved stars, where Mg can capture free protons.

4 Unlike for Al, hydrogen burning is the primary source of Al, with the nuclide emerging after a nucleus of Mg catches a free proton.

5 Bitter almonds may yield 4–9 mg of hydrogen cyanide per almond and contain 42 times higher amounts of cyanide than the trace levels found in sweet almonds.

6 Adult aspirin tablets are produced in standardised sizes, which vary slightly from country to country, for example 300 mg in Britain and 325 mg (or 5 grains) in the United States.

7 Smaller doses are based on these standards, e.g., 75 mg and 81 mg tablets.

8 No medical significance occurs due to the slight difference in dosage between the 75 mg and the 81 mg tablets.

9 A study of a group with a mean dosage of aspirin of 270 mg per day estimated an average absolute risk increase in intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH) of 12 events per 10,000 persons.

10 In cases where ICH already has occurred, aspirin use results in higher mortality, with a dose of about 250 mg per day resulting in a relative risk of death within three months after the ICH around 2.5 (95% confidence interval 1.3 to 4.6).

11 40 mg of aspirin a day is able to inhibit a large proportion of maximum thromboxane A2 release provoked acutely, with the prostaglandin I2 synthesis being little affected;

12 When small doses (less than 250 mg in an adult) are ingested, all pathways proceed by first-order kinetics, with an elimination half-life of about 2.0 h to 4.5 h. When higher doses of salicylate are ingested (more than 4 g), the half-life becomes much longer (15 h to 30 h), because the biotransformation pathways concerned with the formation of salicyluric acid and salicyl phenolic glucuronide become saturated.

13 The binding constant for Mg is (9554).

14 Due to the strength of the ATP-Mg interaction, ATP exists in the cell mostly as a complex with Mg bonded to the phosphate oxygen centers.

15 The presence of Mg regulates kinase activity.

16 Phosphorus forms insoluble complexes with Ca and Mg in alkaline soils and Al and Fe in acidic soils that makes it unavailable for plant roots.

17 At the end of the 1970s, there was widespread debate about running MG into the Aston Martin consortium.

18 Sprague and Curtis pointed out that under their ownership AML finances had improved to where an offer for MG might have been feasible.

19 It is known that the N-terminal half is the catalytic portion, and that it requires two Mg ions.

20 This technique is typically used for determinations in the mg L range, and may be extended down to a few μg L for some elements.