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1 Since the brain effects of hypoglycemia, termed neuroglycopenia, determine whether a given low glucose is a "problem" for that person, most doctors use the term hypoglycemia only when a moderately low glucose level is accompanied by symptoms or brain effects.

2 Although the long-term effects due to ultrasound exposure at diagnostic intensity are still unknown, currently most doctors feel that the benefits to patients outweigh the risks.

3 Unlike most doctors of that time, he held no faith in blood-letting;

4 Most doctors do a sugar load in a drink form of 50 grams of glucose in cola, lime or orange and draw blood an hour later (plus or minus 5 minutes).

5 Remembering Baron Munchausen, Asher named this condition Munchausen's Syndrome in his article in The Lancet in February 1951, quoted in his obituary in the British Medical Journal: "Here is described a common syndrome which most doctors have seen, but about which little has been written.

6 Some anecdotes suggest more extended persistence of human consciousness after decapitation, but most doctors consider this unlikely and consider such accounts to be misapprehensions of reflexive twitching rather than deliberate movement, since deprivation of oxygen must cause nearly immediate coma and death ("[Consciousness is] probably lost within 2–3 seconds, due to a rapid fall of intracranial perfusion of blood").

7 Most doctors had not been to medical school, there were no antibiotics, and surgical practices were poor.

8 There are also countries where the law is liberal, but in practice it is very difficult to have an abortion, due to most doctors being conscientious objectors.

9 A person who performs a phlebotomy is called a phlebotomist, although most doctors, nurses, and other technicians can also carry out a phlebotomy.

10 Currently, most doctors practicing Western medicine do not accept hysteria as a medical diagnosis.

11 Five percent acetic acid (vinegar) is used to identify both warts and squamous intraepithelial neoplasia (SIL) lesions with limited success by causing abnormal tissue to appear white, but most doctors have found this technique helpful only in moist areas, such as the female genital tract.

12 For example, the conventional wisdom in 1950, even among most doctors, was that smoking tobacco is not particularly harmful to one's health.

13 Most doctors and patients consider anesthesia unnecessary;

14 Many whites (including most doctors except for Rush and his assistants, some of whom died) fled the city hoping to escape infection.

15 There is no legal limit for the number of specialities a doctor can learn, although most doctors choose to do one and then they sub-specialise for further job opportunities and less overall competition, along with higher wages.

16 Most doctors do not have the training and experience to reliably diagnose DCI, so it is preferable to consult a diving medicine specialist, as misdiagnosis can have inconvenient, expensive and possibly life-threatening consequences.

17 In the United States, most doctors of divinity hold a degree conferred honoris causa by a church-related college, seminary, or university to recognize the recipient's achievements as a minister of religion.