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1 They said the results had been confirmed dozens of times and they had no doubts about them.

2 In spite of his earlier hesitation to go through with the exchange, he had no doubts about his success, stating that Aleppo was "the key to the lands" and "this city is the eye of Syria and the citadel is its pupil".

3 85% of evangelical scientists had no doubts about the existence of God, compared to 35% of the whole scientific population.

4 Overall, out of the whole study: 10% were atheists, 13% were agnostic, 19% believe in a higher power, 4% believe in God some of the time, 17% had doubts but believed in God, 35% believed in God and had no doubts.

5 Biographer Margaret Coit argues that: every principle of secession or states' rights which Calhoun ever voiced can be traced right back to the thinking of intellectual New England ... Not the South, not slavery, but Yale College and Litchfield Law School made Calhoun a nullifier ... Dwight, Reeve, and Gould could not convince the young patriot from South Carolina as to the desirability of secession, but they left no doubts in his mind as to its legality.

6 There are no doubts on the aftermath, however: "the bloodiest round of Stalin's terror and repression."

7 His doctor had no doubts about his death being a suicide.

8 José Mourinho, who worked as an interpreter at Barcelona, referred to Ronaldo as "the greatest player I have ever seen in my life", adding, "I have no doubts.

9 Kennedy had essentially abdicated responsibility by leaving the final decision about whatever to back a coup to Lodge, who had no doubts in his mind that a coup was the best course of action.

10 Now, he is to be drafted but has no doubts that he will be kept at the same place, only dressed in a military uniform and with a correspondingly lower salary."

11 Canvases may be stitch-painted, meaning each thread intersection is painstakingly painted so that the stitcher has no doubts about what color is meant to be used at that intersection.

12 "I have no doubts that Wallenberg was liquidated in 1947" Serov wrote.

13 Mahler had no doubts about the ground-breaking nature of the symphony, calling it the grandest thing he had ever done, and maintaining that all his previous symphonies were merely preludes to it. "Try to imagine the whole universe beginning to ring and resound.

14 On the official FIA video review of the 1988 season, Piquet left no doubts that the article got it wrong in his comments about Ferrari (saying that at 90, Enzo Ferrari had to be a strong man to run a Formula One team), and that he considered Prost to be the world's best driver.

15 Māori in the Bay of Islands and surrounding districts had no doubts about the meaning of the word pākehā in the 19th century.

16 Maurice was "warmly received" at Cambridge, where "there were no doubts of his sufficient orthodoxy".

17 However, he has declared that he had no doubts about Nimoy's ability to direct the film.

18 Lulu Parker Betenson, a forthright and energetic woman in her nineties ... She has no doubts: her brother came back and ate blueberry pie with family at Circleville in ... 1925.

19 Bishop Musey then conditionally ordained them, although he publicly stated he personally had no doubts as to their validity of their earlier ordinations.

20 About this I have no doubts [...] The thing is, there are very few experts in the area of Ricci flow, and I have not yet met anyone who claims to have a complete understanding of the last, most difficult part of Perelman's proof [...] As far as I'm aware, no one has taken some of the techniques Perelman introduced toward the end of his paper and successfully used them to solve any other significant problem.