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1 Some events also include activity judging, such as trained navigation of obstacle course.

2 Hine Flour Mill, working draft teams, an antique tractor rodeo, horse and mule obstacle course and wheat threshing.

3 Although the challenge in a game is often to defeat some sort of character, levels are sometimes designed with a movement challenge, such as a jumping puzzle, a form of obstacle course.

4 Parkour (French: [paʁkuʁ]) is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training.

5 The word parkour derives from parcours du combattant (obstacle course), the classic obstacle course method of military training proposed by Georges Hébert.

6 Inspired by Hébert, a Swiss architect developed a "parcours du combattant"—military obstacle course—the first of the courses that are now standard in military training and which led to the development of civilian fitness trails and confidence courses.

7 He would use the military obstacle courses in secret, and also created courses of his own that tested his endurance, strength, and flexibility.

8 Despite the name, the sport has 6 events: shooting, fencing, orienteering, basketball skills, obstacle course, and swimming.

9 Regular events included swimming, kayaking, volleyball, golf, tennis, bowling (on custom-made outdoor lanes), cycling, 3-on-3 football, the baseball dunk, running, and the obstacle course.

10 Battle I: Swimming Relay, Tennis, Golf, Baseball Dunk, Bicycle Relay, Obstacle Course, Volleyball, Running Relay, Tug-of-War.

11 Battle II: Swimming Relay, Kayak Relay, Baseball Dunk, Obstacle Course, Golf, Running Relay, 3-on-3 Football, Tug-of-war.

12 Battle III: Swimming Relay, Kayak Relay, Bowling, Baseball Dunk, Obstacle Course, Golf, Running Relay, 3-on-3 Football, Tug-of-War.

13 Battle IV: Swimming Relay, Kayak Relay, Frisbee Catch, Baseball Dunk, Obstacle Course, Running Relay, 3-on-3 Football, Tug-of-War.

14 Battles V-VII: Swimming Relay, Kayak Relay, 3-on-3 Football, Baseball Dunk, Obstacle Course, Running Relay, Tug-of-War.

15 Battles VIII-XVII: Swimming Relay, Kayak Relay, 3-on-3 Football, Baseball Dunk, Obstacle Course, Tandem Bike Relay, Running Relay, Tug-of-War.

16 2017: Running Relay, Swimming Relay (2-on-2), Kayak Relay (2-on-2), Baseball Dunk, Tennis (service return), Archery, Soccer (target practice), Basketball (3-point shooting), Golf (closest to pin), Women's Obstacle Course, Men's Obstacle Course, Tug-of-War.

17 A planning application for the redevelopment of MOD Lyneham was submitted by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation to Wiltshire Council in May 2013 Planning permission was granted in October 2013 for the re-development of the station including the demolition of several existing structures and the construction of new and refurbished buildings to accommodate single living accommodation, dining, mess and welfare facilities, workshops, teaching accommodation and classrooms, offices, stores, medical and dental centre, church, museum, physical and recreational training centre, the creation of outdoor training areas including ground works and ground level alterations, the erection of masts, towers and radars, a forward operating base training facility, obstacle course, assault course, firing range, sports pitches, new roads, footpaths, parking, hard and soft landscaping, lighting, balancing ponds, and access alterations including a new roundabout and ancillary works.