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1 He also canceled a television appearance when he found out that the producers intended to keep Wright off-camera.

2 In the show, Henson began experimenting with techniques that changed the way in which puppetry was used on television, including using the frame defined by the camera shot to allow the puppet performer to work from off-camera.

3 In a shot which was originally panned to show something new, or one in which something enters the shot from off-camera, it changes the timing of these appearances to the audience.

4 Richard Anderson, in character as Oscar Goldman, then intones off-camera, "Gentlemen, we can rebuild him.

5 However, many thought that he had been coached, as a male voice was heard off-camera directing the young boy.

6 A third attempt, with no variation, proved dismal—until Milton Berle, off-camera, went into the audience, pantomiming funny faces and gestures.

7 Although the series was shot in color, the apartment had a color scheme composed of black, white, and shades of gray, such that the apartment was sometimes referred to off-camera as the black-and-white room;

8 Other signature re-occurring bits on the show include: Affectionately referred to as "stage pollution" by the cast and crew, certain key words resulted in cast members having unpleasant substances poured onto them from above, or thrown at them from off-camera.

9 In training, as distinct from rehearsal process, the recall of sensations to provoke emotional experience and the development of a vividly imagined fictional experience remained a central part both of Stanislavski's and the various Method-based approaches that developed out of it. A widespread misconception about method acting—particularly in the popular media—equates method actors with actors who choose to remain in character even offstage or off-camera for the duration of a project.

10 The soundtrack includes a narrator, sounds occurring off-camera, sounds motivating action and suspenseful moments of silence before sudden noise.

11 Palpatine dissolves the Senate (off-camera) in A New Hope after discovering that several members of the Senate are founding members of the Rebellion.

12 Stein, by happenstance, was lecturing off-camera to the amusement of the student cast.

13 President Ronald Reagan visits the town and suggests that the unemployed auto workers find work by moving across the country, though the restaurant he visits has its cash register stolen during the event (off-camera).

14 Second, Krunk appears to become drunk, has a hangover, and vomits off-camera.

15 They did Little Giant and The Time of Their Lives, but barely appeared together in either film and rarely spoke to one another off-camera.

16 Many of the elements of Mac's redemption, conversion to Christianity and budding relationship with Rosa Lee occur off-camera, including their wedding.

17 Her face is described as a "pitiful twisted lump of flesh" by the nurses and doctor, whose own faces are always in shadows or off-camera.

18 He reportedly did not get along with his co-star Robert Mitchum, who had a serious drinking problem and often clashed off-camera with Hudson and other cast and crew members.

19 He found success off-camera due to his unique voice.

20 Screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie would feed the actors questions off-camera and they improvised their lines.