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1 Such nanoallotropes may help create ultra-small electronic devices and find other industrial applications.

2 "By far the largest consumer of magnesia worldwide is the refractory industry, which consumed about 56 % of the magnesia in the United States in 2004, the remaining 44 % being used in agricultural, chemical, construction, environmental, and other industrial applications."

3 The first industrial metal detectors were developed in the 1960s and were used extensively for mineral prospecting and other industrial applications.

4 The Roots-type blower is named after American inventors and brothers Philander and Francis Marion Roots, founders of the Roots Blower Company of Connersville, Indiana USA, who patented the basic design in 1860 as an air pump for use in blast furnaces and other industrial applications.

5 Other industrial applications include the use of MnO2 as an inorganic pigment in ceramics and in glassmaking.

6 Other industrial applications included photocopiers, industrial automation, professional light measurement instruments and auto-exposure meters.

7 The major components of commercial soybean-derived lecithin are: Lecithin is used for applications in human food, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, paints, and other industrial applications.