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1 The reasons for this were, among others, that in late autumn, plant gathering, salmon fishing and other activities of securing food came to an end, and hunters readily found game in fields and mountains in which plants had withered.

2 The northwest culture area, for example shared common traits such as salmon fishing, woodworking, and large villages or towns and a hierarchical social structure.

3 Although they were skilled hunters, salmon fishing was the mainstay of traditional Coast Salish life.

4 Some current and recent Berwick economic activities include salmon fishing, shipbuilding, engineering, sawmilling, fertilizer production, malting and the manufacture of tweed and hosiery.

5 In 1929, the construction of a dam at Ardnacrusha severely impacted salmon breeding and that, and the introduction of quotas, had by the 1950s caused salmon fishing to cease.

6 During the early-to-mid-19th century, wealthy sport anglers in the United States (mostly located in the northeastern portion of the country) largely confined themselves to trout and salmon fishing using fly rods.

7 He shot, rode and swam well, and taught his boys athletic exercises, boating, salmon fishing, and so on. He learned to dance a Highland reel, and began the study of Gaelic;

8 Nelson Lagoon depends on salmon fishing, and the nearby fishery area is especially productive.

9 Local recreational activities include snow machining, skiing, bicycling, kayaking, caribou hunting, and salmon fishing.

10 Other attractions in the area are salmon fishing, typically now either with commercial guides or private commercial family operations, either along the beach north of Ninilchik River or in Cook Inlet whose waters touch the beach next to the village.

11 From 1999 to 2006, low fish stocks resulted in a ban on salmon fishing.

12 The local government reform of the 1970s made Forshaga a unitary municipality in 1971 and in 1974 Ullerud was added to it. Forshaga was known in the 14th century as a location for salmon fishing in the river Klarälven.

13 Other nearby Clallam, Sekiu, and Hoko rivers are also good for king salmon fishing and steelheading as well.

14 Ling cod fishing is good in spring and summer, while salmon fishing is good during summer runs.

15 While salmon and trout fishing remain popular with anglers, salmon fishing in particular received a boost in 2006 with the closing of the salmon driftnet fishery.

16 It is a tributary of the Ettrick Water (itself a tributary of the Tweed) and renowned for its high quality trout and salmon fishing.

17 Fishing permits (for salmon fishing) are sold for use on specific rivers, including Komag-elva.

18 Fishing permits (for salmon fishing) are sold for use on specific rivers, including Komag-elva.

19 The dam was built, however, and the river still offers good salmon fishing.

20 Fishing permits (for salmon fishing) are sold for use on specific rivers, including Sandfjord-elva, Syltefjord-elva and Komag-elva.