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1 They also hunted sea eagles such as white-tailed sea eagles, raven and other birds.

2 Rugby union is the national sport, and the national team (ʻIkale Tahi, or Sea Eagles) has performed quite well on the international stage.

3 Sea eagles or fish eagles take fish as a large part of their diets, either fresh or as carrion.

4 However, according to the findings of a 2014 study, the sister relationship between larger clades of Accipitriformes was well supported (e.g. relationship of Harpagus kites to buzzards and sea eagles and these latter two with Accipiter hawks are sister taxa of the clade containing Aquilinae and Harpiinae).

5 They also scavenge on prey dropped from the nesting platforms of sea eagles.

6 The Australian brush-turkey, brahminy kites, sea eagles and koalas can be found in the park.

7 Significant species include eastern grass owl, sea eagles, various parrot species, goshawks, kites, the white-throated needle tail, egrets, herons, wedge-tailed eagles and wrens.

8 Sea eagles and other fish-eating birds of prey are also typically excluded, however tied to marine environments they may be. Seabirds, by virtue of living in a geologically depositional environment (that is, in the sea where sediments are readily laid down), are well represented in the fossil record.

9 The coast of Nordland has the highest density of sea eagles in Europe.

10 Some of the common birds are ptarmigan, sea eagles, seagulls, and cormorants.

11 The Warwick Castle trebuchet is currently the largest one in the world (2009) It was reconstructed based on 13th-century drawings, and functions properly (2018) 2012 demonstration of the Warwick Castle trebuchet (launch at 10:30) Warwick Castle trebuchet from the rear (2010) Close up of the walking cage on the trebuchet (2010) Other tourist attractions include "Flight of the Eagles'" (a bird show, featuring bald eagles, vultures, and sea eagles), archery displays, Jousting,"The Trebuchet Show" and "The Sword in the Stone Show".

12 It suffers predation from crows, foxes, ravens, sea eagles, gulls and others.

13 One of up to eleven members in the genus Haliaeetus, which are commonly called sea eagles, it is also referred to as the white-tailed sea-eagle.

14 In appearance the two Ichthyaetus are slenderer, longer tailed and more uniform and grey in colour than typical sea eagles.

15 Outside of the genus Haliaeetus, among other extant forms, they appear to be most closely related to milvine kites and Old World vultures, based on modern forms from these subfamilies that broadly share morphological and life history traits with sea eagles: the Brahminy kite (Haliastur indus) (historically sometimes referred to as the “red-backed sea eagle”) and the palm-nut vulture (Gypohierax angolensis) (which was once widely referred to as the “vulturine fish eagle”).

16 The relation of these species to the sea eagles is partially borne out by their genetic sequencing.

17 Other groups, beyond milvine kites and Old World vulture, of modern accipitrid that are seemingly in some way related, albeit very distantly, to the sea eagles include Accipiters, harriers, chanting-goshawks and buteonines.

18 These diverged from other sea eagles at the beginning of the early Miocene (c. 10 mya) at the latest, possibly (if the most ancient fossil record is correctly assigned to this genus) as early as the early or middle Oligocene, about 28 mya.

19 Another species, likely intermediate between the white-tailed, bald and Steller's sea eagles and the Ichthyophaga type fish eagles, is the Pallas's fish eagle, which in life history seems to range farther from water and to higher elevations than the three northern species normally do. Due to the similar dietary and nesting habits of sea eagles, they are mostly allopatric in distribution as competition can be considerable between these eagles.

20 Unlike many accipitrids, in white-tailed eagle (and seemingly other sea eagles as well) juveniles are often of similar weight to adult eagles, whereas in most the juveniles will usually weigh somewhat less.