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1 Continual conflict among the Assyrians led to a myriad of subject peoples, from Cyprus to Persia and The Caucasus to Egypt, quietly reasserting their independence and ceasing to pay tribute to Assyria.

2 Subject peoples of the Huns were led by their own kings.

3 In January 1918 Wilson issued his Fourteen Points of January 1918 which, among other things, called for adjustment of colonial claims, insofar as the interests of colonial powers had equal weight with the claims of subject peoples.

4 This network of subject peoples, who were generally reliable and manageable, was beneficial to the Eastern Empire.

5 Subject peoples, such as the Medes, Babylonians, Chaldeans, Egyptians, Scythians, Cimmerians, Lydians and Arameans quietly ceased to pay tribute to Assyria.

6 Ramesses III incorporated the Sea Peoples as subject peoples and settled them in southern Canaan.

7 Although he was often portrayed by his missionary patrons as being primarily motivated by religious concerns, Khama was at the center of not only reshaping the Ngwato economy, but also of extending its power over a host of subject peoples.

8 The Draka enforce their English dialect on subject peoples and gradually outlaw conquered peoples from speaking their native languages.

9 This command is significant in showing Lucullus performing the regular, less glamorous, administrative duties of a public career in the customary sequence and, given his renown as a Philhellene, for the regard he showed for subject peoples who were not Greek.

10 Subject peoples all over the Austro-Hungarian empire wanted to be free from the rule of the old aristocracy and the imperial family.

11 This frustration was partly eased by the introduction of local ethnic representation and language rights, however the First World War put a stop to these reform efforts and ultimately caused the internal collapse of the Austro-Hungarian empire and the liberation of subject peoples such as the Czechs and Slovaks.