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1 Memoization is an optimization technique that stores the results of resource-consuming function calls within a lookup table, allowing subsequent calls to reuse the stored results and avoid repeated computation.

2 Since this variable can be altered without changing the values passed as parameter, the results of subsequent calls to the function may differ even if the parameters are identical.

3 Method calls on the reference result in subsequent calls to the ORB and blocking on the thread while waiting for a reply, success or failure.

4 Stevens was forced to repeal the declaration and fight subsequent calls for his removal.

5 IOR's transformation of its four-word calling sequence, shown above, moves the location of the address of variable I. On subsequent calls to the Fortran subprogram, the table of references to parameters would be in error and SUBIN would patch the wrong word, in this case placing the new address of I over the OR operation code.